Approved heat Pump Installer

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump heats water by using energy efficient heating technology, similar to that used in conventional air conditioners and refrigerators. It is placed outside your home and is easily connected to a new or existing geyser, using it as a hot water reservoir. On a mild day a heat pump works so effectively that it uses less than 3 times the electricity a conventional electrical geyser element does. This will substantially reduce your hot water energy demand, saving you money and taking the load off an already burdened energy supply Reduce your electricity bill today by utilizing cutting edge technology to heat your water. 

Heat Pumps are more effective source to heat your water than solar systems or conventional geysers.
Heat Pumps are finished in high quality stainless steel and available in a 5kW (for 200L and 250L) and 3kW (for 100L and 150L) units.

Designed in South Africa for our local conditions and backed up with local warranties and after sales service.