Drain Cleaning/Replacement

Drains unblocked and cleaned by our specialist team.  We are able to do high pressure drain cleaning if the blockage is not able to be cleared.  Blocked drains are potentially a health hazard and need to be cleaned and cleared as a matter of urgency. Not only is blocked drains hazardous for your health in that they could be contaminated with diseases, but they also could cause damage to your home and property. Often it is not noticeable until it reaches severe conditions as the problem could be hidden from plain sight.
Drains are only designed to convey waste water (and small amounts of tissue paper) away from your home to a central drain. Anything else could potentially cause a blockage.
Most common causes are small objects, sanitary items, grease, hair and roots from trees, which are drawn to the nearest source of water. All foreign objects can gradually accumulate inside the pipes, obstructing the flow of water. This stagnant water becomes the perfect environment for breeding diseases and attracting pests.
A few signs that the drainage system is backing up could be slow discharging toilets or sinks, the water seal at the bottom of your toilet being lower or higher than normal, gurgling sounds from sinks and toilets and the dreaded surcharge or overflow.
Our experienced team of specialists will quickly and professionally clear any type of blockages.